Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ryan Newman looks to run Army strong four races long at Bristol


Attempting to become the first driver to race in a NASCAR touring series event and then three national series events all in the same week, Ryan Newman is getting read for a weekend full of the Bristol bullring.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Featured interview with Brian Scott

This week, I had the pleasure to have an exclusive, one-on-one conversation with Brian Scott, driver of the No. 16 Albertsons Toyota Tundra for Xpress Motorsports, which competes in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

The 21-year-old Boise, Id. native turned Truck Series superstar has shocked and amazed fans this season. With a win at Dover and back-to-back top-five finishes while battling a broken wrist, I was pleased to have the opportunity to sit down for my version of “Ten Questions With."...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tribute: Fan Favorite Dale Jr.


Driving though the misty fog
All shadowed by the past
Like in your Father's footsteps
Early fame and heavy tasks

Journey ventures forward
Racing toward a dream
Inviting both love and hatered
Slated somewhere in between

Falling hard when things are rough
Aiming higher every week
Making fans and foes alike
Emerge with every time you speak.

*It has to be hard being the son of a legend, a fan favorite, and a competitor in a do or die sport. To Jr. Nation Read the bold... Dale jr is Fame!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am So sorry: Don't fret Dale Jr Fans

I offer my apologies to all the fans waiting for the Dale Jr Tribute post. My Laptop died Before the end of the ALL-Star event and I am still fixing some of the issues I've been having. I will be posting the Tribute soon!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Votes Are In! And The Winner Is...

No Not Joey Logano!

But Dale Earnhardt Jr...

Yes, That's Right.. JR NATION has spoken!

Tomorrow the Tribute will be posted to honor Dale Jr.

Why was Jr your Favorite?

Here are some of the reasons you posted or e-mailed...

1) Because he's the man!
2) He's a good driver!
3) Out of respect for his father!
4) Because he's relatable.
5) Two words TOO COOL

Time Is Running Out to Vote For Your Favorite Driver!

As All-star Weekend Dawns, Time is running out to vote your Favorite Driver not only into the All-start Event, But also into the NASCAR Poet Fan Vote Tribute!

So far Dale Jr is leading the way with 3 votes followed by his late father Dale Sr with 2. The racce is tight for third place, as there is a 4 way tie between Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Gregg Biffle and Kyle Busch with 1 vote each.

Remember you only have until the GREEN FLAG waves over the All Star Race to get your Vote in...

When The Spotters yell green green green, I will make the final tally and Tomorrow post a true NASCAR POET Tribute to the driver with the most votes, and highlight the reasons HIS FANS(that's you!) gave for making him the best!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Angelic Adam: A Tribute to Adam Kyler Petty

In light of the upcoming events,NASCAR DAY, the end of the Kyle Petty Charity Ride, And the anniversary of the tragic day we lost on of NASCAR's brightest starts I offer a Tribute.

Angelic Adam

Young and Enthusiastic
With a maturity beyond your years
An Angelic smile and charitable hand
Proved your greatness through our tears

A fourth generation athlete
Born into the "royal family" of Nascar Fame
A bright shimmering star of talent
No fan will ever forget your name

Quick wit and a desire for helping
You were the pride of your family, strong
We all knew behind the wheel
was just where you belonged

That tragic day in New Hampshire
The cries of sorrow soared
At only 19 years of age
You were called home to the lord

Nascar's never been the same
But we've taken your memory far
Victory Junction Gang is running strong
I hope you can see it where you are

We miss you every weekend
those of us whose hearts you won
But Adam we race on in memory
Of Nascar's favorite son.

*To the friends,fans, and family of Adam Kyler Petty.*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why did you chose your favorite driver?

Nascar fans have always spoken out about which driver they love to watch. Personally I have several Favorite Drivers, but only one that I would almost kill to see win.

I asked myself the question: "What made you choose that driver? that team?"

And this is the answer I came up with.

~Unlike some, I chose a driver not only for his looks, skill, family name, sponsor, team owner, or make/model of car.

I chose a a good man, with a good heart.

I chose a "Hometown/Home state" Hero who tries to make a difference.

I've followed his career for 21 years. I watched him in go-carts, in late models, in Nationwide (of course it was Busch then), and now in Cup.~

But, I know that different people chose for different reasons.

Some follow the same drivers their parents watched. Others have devotions to sponsors, team owners,or (like my children) paint schemes.

My question to you is this: "WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE DRIVER,AND WHY?"

I will take comments until the green flag flies over the all-star race.

At which time, I will tally the votes, and the most popular reasons for chosing.

I will add a tribute in true NASCARPOET style to the most popular driver using the reasons given and dedicate it to the fans that Answered The Call.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fallen But Never Forgotten

(A tribute to David Carl "Davey" Allison 2/25/1961-7/13/93)

*This poem was first posted 0n 10/1/2003 by me on the sfc message board. It's one of my favorites, and was widely commented on. I hope you like it.*

Many years have come and gone
Since we last saw that infectious smile
Since we last felt that warmth and kindness
From a man with true champion style

We watched you follow dad's footsteps
And make yor mark in many ways
But it's the love of who you were
that sees your memory stays

The first ever "super rookie"
the true "young gun" of your day
Your accomplished feats and records
left unbroken still today

On and off the track we watched you
Win or wreck it was all the same
you climbed out of that car a hero
to the thousands who screamed your name

A family man and stock car legend
in your short but wonderous career
A father who was, oh so proud
A wife and children whom held you dear

But it was a cold day in Talladega
Even though mid-July
When the chopper went down I swear to you
You could hear the whole world start to cry

It's been many years since HE called you home
And it's left our hearts sad and wantin'
But "Davey", as I hope you somehow know,
You may have Fallen but you're Never Forgotten.

~To the Friends, Family, and Fans of David Carl "Davey" Allison

Blog Revamp: Change is good!

The truth is I can't do it! I can't sit by and write one information only and one opinon only blog about my favorite sport. NASCAR isn't a sport, it isn't a hobby, IT'S A WAY OF LIFE!

To Celebrate my liberation from the expected I've decided to change the basis for this blog all together! The NascarPoet (me) will still speak out, but instead of opinons and race results, I'm getting back to how it all started for me.

6 or so years ago I was a mere member of a message board for my then FAVORITE DRIVER. I would log on read the lastest post by the equally "groupie-Like" fans, and take requests for poems about nascar drivers and events.

Last year, while up-dating my membership to the same driver's fan club, the kind voice on the other end of the phone asked me a question that hit me hard. "Why aren't you writing anymore?", the kind woman asked. "we always enjoyed reading your NASCAR poetry. We even saved a few."

Well the truth is I forgot my roots for a while. I got caught up in all that I had going on including but not limited to starting a company, raising my kids, and writing a fantasy fiction novel that is stalled out somewhere in the middle of chapter 4.

In light of now having only my mommy duties and my writing to concern myself with I will honor the request of a woman I admire.

The NascarPoet is returning..Full Force! And taking requests! To kick off my new REVAMPED Blog.. I will post one of the "old" message board's favorites from all those years ago!

Keep one eye on the track and another posted here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


NASCAR is my weakness.
I know most people have their own opinions, and I don't fault anyone for them. Some people ask me how I can sit at home or in the stands and watch cars turn left for hours on end? The answer is simple... I love it! I love the excitement, the sounds, the smells, the sights, and the talent you find track side.
The purpose of my Blog is simple..I'm here to give my straight-up opinion on the events of the NASCAR season. I watch all 3 of NASCAR's premier series, and either from track side or couch side I'll be here to tell you how it went down.
I hope you enjoy it.. See you this weekend!