Thursday, May 7, 2009

Angelic Adam: A Tribute to Adam Kyler Petty

In light of the upcoming events,NASCAR DAY, the end of the Kyle Petty Charity Ride, And the anniversary of the tragic day we lost on of NASCAR's brightest starts I offer a Tribute.

Angelic Adam

Young and Enthusiastic
With a maturity beyond your years
An Angelic smile and charitable hand
Proved your greatness through our tears

A fourth generation athlete
Born into the "royal family" of Nascar Fame
A bright shimmering star of talent
No fan will ever forget your name

Quick wit and a desire for helping
You were the pride of your family, strong
We all knew behind the wheel
was just where you belonged

That tragic day in New Hampshire
The cries of sorrow soared
At only 19 years of age
You were called home to the lord

Nascar's never been the same
But we've taken your memory far
Victory Junction Gang is running strong
I hope you can see it where you are

We miss you every weekend
those of us whose hearts you won
But Adam we race on in memory
Of Nascar's favorite son.

*To the friends,fans, and family of Adam Kyler Petty.*

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