Monday, May 4, 2009

Blog Revamp: Change is good!

The truth is I can't do it! I can't sit by and write one information only and one opinon only blog about my favorite sport. NASCAR isn't a sport, it isn't a hobby, IT'S A WAY OF LIFE!

To Celebrate my liberation from the expected I've decided to change the basis for this blog all together! The NascarPoet (me) will still speak out, but instead of opinons and race results, I'm getting back to how it all started for me.

6 or so years ago I was a mere member of a message board for my then FAVORITE DRIVER. I would log on read the lastest post by the equally "groupie-Like" fans, and take requests for poems about nascar drivers and events.

Last year, while up-dating my membership to the same driver's fan club, the kind voice on the other end of the phone asked me a question that hit me hard. "Why aren't you writing anymore?", the kind woman asked. "we always enjoyed reading your NASCAR poetry. We even saved a few."

Well the truth is I forgot my roots for a while. I got caught up in all that I had going on including but not limited to starting a company, raising my kids, and writing a fantasy fiction novel that is stalled out somewhere in the middle of chapter 4.

In light of now having only my mommy duties and my writing to concern myself with I will honor the request of a woman I admire.

The NascarPoet is returning..Full Force! And taking requests! To kick off my new REVAMPED Blog.. I will post one of the "old" message board's favorites from all those years ago!

Keep one eye on the track and another posted here.

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