Monday, May 4, 2009

Fallen But Never Forgotten

(A tribute to David Carl "Davey" Allison 2/25/1961-7/13/93)

*This poem was first posted 0n 10/1/2003 by me on the sfc message board. It's one of my favorites, and was widely commented on. I hope you like it.*

Many years have come and gone
Since we last saw that infectious smile
Since we last felt that warmth and kindness
From a man with true champion style

We watched you follow dad's footsteps
And make yor mark in many ways
But it's the love of who you were
that sees your memory stays

The first ever "super rookie"
the true "young gun" of your day
Your accomplished feats and records
left unbroken still today

On and off the track we watched you
Win or wreck it was all the same
you climbed out of that car a hero
to the thousands who screamed your name

A family man and stock car legend
in your short but wonderous career
A father who was, oh so proud
A wife and children whom held you dear

But it was a cold day in Talladega
Even though mid-July
When the chopper went down I swear to you
You could hear the whole world start to cry

It's been many years since HE called you home
And it's left our hearts sad and wantin'
But "Davey", as I hope you somehow know,
You may have Fallen but you're Never Forgotten.

~To the Friends, Family, and Fans of David Carl "Davey" Allison

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