Saturday, May 16, 2009

Time Is Running Out to Vote For Your Favorite Driver!

As All-star Weekend Dawns, Time is running out to vote your Favorite Driver not only into the All-start Event, But also into the NASCAR Poet Fan Vote Tribute!

So far Dale Jr is leading the way with 3 votes followed by his late father Dale Sr with 2. The racce is tight for third place, as there is a 4 way tie between Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Gregg Biffle and Kyle Busch with 1 vote each.

Remember you only have until the GREEN FLAG waves over the All Star Race to get your Vote in...

When The Spotters yell green green green, I will make the final tally and Tomorrow post a true NASCAR POET Tribute to the driver with the most votes, and highlight the reasons HIS FANS(that's you!) gave for making him the best!

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